Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hey Hey! Today I am linking up with Kristen, from Treats and Travels, and sharing some of my favorite snapshots from the month of October! Kristen tagged me on Instagram ( plus some other lovely bloggers ) to participate in the monthly Through the Lens linkup! If you haven't joined the linkup yet, hop on in! It's a fun way to share some of your favorite shots from the past month and meet other bloggers. Double win.

Is it just me or did the pumpkin month just fly by? I would kindly like to ask time to just hold up a minute. An extra twenty days or so in each month would do the trick. Onward to the turkey feast.. gobble till you wobble, friends!

Double Trouble. Llana is my best friend! The two of us have been friends since we were little girls. We still can't quite remember how or where we met exactly, but we apparently made quite an impression on one another and have been harassing each other ever since! This snapshot is an abundantly accurate capture of us.

• Deliciousness. I'm always messing around in the kitchen, as you well know by now. Sometimes it's a huge success (and I rock a substantial food baby from overeating), and sometimes I wonder what it was exactly that I was trying to create in the first place? One of the more successful kitchen creations is my favorite Blueberry Kale Smoothie. It's cold, tart, healthy, and quite tasty!

• My People. I've always been a 'quality over quantity' kind of person when it comes to friends. A few really good friends is just the ticket. I am an introvert. So much so that some tend to think I'm aloof and indifferent. This could't be further from the truth! I actually really love people. I'm just quiet.. sometimes. There are a few of my people that would beg to differ. At least two are present in the image above. I'm sweetness and sarcasm, tenderness and sass all wrapped up in one semi-petite package! With a little laughter, loyalty, good banter, and transparancy we'll be the best of friends!

• Cookie Goodness. Who doesn't love some baked goods. Especially fudge filled baked goods. Cookies are my weakness. Even pictures of cookies make me happy!

• The Momma Bear. She's the college roommate I never had! We laugh, we cry, we argue, and we get into plenty of trouble together. We laugh most often so this snapshot captures us well.

• Feed The Addiction. I'm pretty vocal about my excessive love of froyo. If I didn't have some measure of self-control I would be rotund! Okay, that's somewhat of an exaggeration. But I like me some frozen moo cow. Especially if it's peanut butter froyo.. or salted caramel pretzel.. or espresso.. cookies n' cream.. or just all of it. I LOVE all of it!

• Hay Fights. When I was a kid my family always went to our church's harvest festival rather than going trick or treating. The harvest festival has changed over the years ( or maybe I've just grown up ), but it still remains one of my favorite fall activities. Back in the day, during the hayrides, two tractors would pull up next to each other and a full of hay fight would ensue. I have been both buried under a pile of people, and almost decapitated by a flying hay bale. Good times.

• Tuna Love. That delightful brown eyed spitfire is my sister. I affectionately call her Tuna Love. Yes, there is a story behind it, and it has nothing to do with the love of tuna. Much tomfoolery takes place when we're together, as the picture above hints at.

• God's Handiwork. I love a fiery sunset. So much of the time, as we move through our days, we take for granted the beauty of God's creation around us. Sunsets paint the sky with blazing colors demanding we take notice, and in those moments everything is peaceful and you have to just stop and take in the beauty that God has created.

Have a phenomenal Thanksgiving friends!

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