Saturday, July 27, 2013
the bucket list

the bucket list

Saturday, July 27, 2013
I have always wanted to have a bucket list. I am not the most adventurous person, but I think a portion of the points on my list would have some kind of danger involved. I was chatting with a friend the other night about this. Said friend actually has a bucket list, and a stinking good one at that.
I was going through some old notebooks yesterday and I happened upon my bucket list. I honestly had completely forgotten that I had ever written that list. I was surprised as I read through it. That danger involved assessment was spot on.

I think bucket lists are great! And I love hearing what others would put or have put on their bucket lists. You can learn a lot about a person by what they valued enough to put on the list. My list is not particularly long, but I intend to add to it along the way.

Since we're besties, I thought that I would share my bucket list with you! Some things are silly. Some are serious. But hey, that's what keeps things interesting. I was able to cross some of the points off, so I'm already making progress! Here we go. Have fun..

• Visit all seven continents 

• Go to Hawaii

• Learn basic Russian

• Own a gun metal gray Tacoma ( because I am small and that would fit me perfectly)

• Go to the Mall of America

• Attend at least one semester on my college's campus

• Swim with dolphins

• Road trip across the U. S.

• Go heli skiing

• Ride an elephant 

• Learn to surf ( get past my fear of the ocean first )

• Eat a corn dog
who hasn't eaten a corn dog in their life!? 

 Own a beach house

• Sleep in a castle

• Ride in a hot air balloon 

• Ride on the world's largest ferris wheel

• Watch turtles hatch and scurry for the ocean

There is a taste of what is on my bucket list so far. I get to cross off Hawaii in exactly thirty-two days! YAY!! I have to admit, I almost left the corn dog one out, but, that is kind of funny. I think some more serious points will find their way onto that list now that I am a few years older.

What about you, what would be on your bucket list?
Have a fantastic Saturday, friends!

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Monday, July 22, 2013
a few things: the salt life

a few things: the salt life

Monday, July 22, 2013
For some reason I am incapable of getting A Few Things posts up more than an hour before it is no longer the weekend. This is a problem. Or maybe it's endearing?

As I have mentioned in recent posts, my sister and her family came down for a couple of weeks to get in some summer fun. I got to take the niblets out to the plantation to play with the horses. Their mixture of fear and excitement was precious. I also took my nieces to get froyo. You know how much I love my froyo. They thought it was the greatest thing ever! Froyo + a Disney movie playing on the giant tv left them fairly mesmerized.
During their visit my brother-in-law spent a considerable amount of time fishing. I went outside and found a hammerhead shark flopped on top of our brick wall. 

This weekend marked the beginning of the Water Festival that takes over downtown. All kinds of shenanigans take place. It's a salt lifers dream. 
I went wandering around the festival with my parents. My mom and I are talkers. We like meeting people and chatting with them. My poor father ended up kicking back against someone's car while we became besties with a painter showcasing his work at the festival.

In other events..
Melyssa from The Nectar Collective featured me in one of her posts! Here. She is such a sweetheart. Thank you Melyssa!
Also, I came across a lovely weekend linkup hosted by Laila from Townhouse Palette. It is a lovely little linkup. Stop by and leave Laila some love. I know she will appreciate it!

What shenanigans did you get into this past week?
I hope you all had a beautiful weekend!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013
beauty and the beach

beauty and the beach

Wednesday, July 10, 2013
I did not discover my LOVE for the beach till I was about eighteen. I have grown up in a town where boating and beaching are a way of life. When I was younger, I don't think that I really appreciated the beauty of growing up around the Carolina marshes snaked with faded hunter green waters, and the fluffy white sand beaches that are so easily accessible. These days, I jump at the chance to cruise out to the beach. Especially if there are multiple friends involved. The latest beach trips have been with my sister ( Tuna Love - I explain that nickname here ) and her family. I adore the beauty of summer, everything is so vibrant, and the heat makes you feel alive!

I think we tried to take this picture six or seven times. This one pretty much captures us. Though it is not overtly evident, there are varying degrees of troublemaking tendencies and styles represented.

That face! I promise she wasn't really upset. She started laughing two seconds after this picture was taken. She is a pistol. Fun fact.. she growls when she laughs. I am completely serious. It is the funniest thing.

The hubs. I don't have a nickname for my brother-in-law. I could probably come up with many, all of which would describe his lovable outgoing qualities. I'll just say, this is the only picture in which I could get him to behave.

The girls, Momma bear, Tuna Love, and The Bug, together again! 
My hair looks like it is three different colors in this picture. It really isn't. I'll prove that in a Lighten Up Project post in the near future.

I hope you are all having a beautiful summer.
Get out there and make memories!

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Monday, July 8, 2013
a few things: sequined panda

a few things: sequined panda

Monday, July 8, 2013
Once again, I am writing a weekend post an hour and a half before the weekend ends. I do have an excuse this time. After an exhausting day on the beach, I conked out on the couch. I woke up some time in the very recent past. I am a very committed person. Rain, shine, sleepiness, t-minus sixty minutes till monday, I will get this weekend post written!

This past week has been a blast! We celebrated my niece's fifth birthday. She wanted a lavender princess cake, and that is exactly what she got. Complete with princess sparkles.
My sweet bestie, Llana, brought me get well flowers, balloons, and a card. I may have neglected to tell her I had a concussion. I was under the hardheaded ( does that count as a pun? ) impression that I am the picture of health. Considering that I fell forward, into the chair in front of me, in church this morning.. I am going to admit that my mother ( and maybe the doctors ) are right
"You have a brain injury!".

I am not a t-shirt kind of person, but, I found such a shirt with a sequined panda bear on it. I mean, that is possibly the epitome of cute. The fact that I refrained from buying it is regrettable.
Lots of sister time has taken place since the troublemakers arrival. Most of which has taken place on the beach. I am proudly a light toasted porcelain.
I re-realized that the CBC ( my church ) property is quite beautiful. I snagged the opportunity to insatgram that fact.
One last thing! Rebekah, from Creatively Beloved has nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thank you Rebekah! I am looking forward to answering her questions. She is a sweetheart. You should stop by her blog and leave her a little love.

That's about it for this A Few Things post. I hope you all had a beautiful July 4th!
And since it is technically Monday now..

Happy Monday, friends