Tropical Inspired Party Tutorial

Monday, June 6, 2016
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There is nothing more relaxing than a tropical beach getaway am i right?! The salty air blowing gently, the waves crashing steadily in the background, the sun and the sand. When I think of a tropical beach day I think of friends, and taking care of myself, inside and out. Finding quiet for peace of mind, enjoying the sunshine for a dose of Vitamin D, and snacking on fresh fruit to fuel my body, instead of refined sugar.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed as a young career woman pursuing creative business opportunities! With so many things pulling at us it seems sometimes that we never have enough time for ourselves. Setting aside time to take a break and relax with friends is essential in maintaing a healthy mind, body, and attitude. Taking care ourselves should be a priority!


Tropical Inspired Party Tutorial
Budget: $40  |  Serves: 8 guests

The decor:

White table cloth
Palm Fronds ( real or fake ) 
Gold pineapple plates ( here )
Watermelon napkins ( here )
White cups
Clear Pitcher
Tiered plate stand

The food:

Fresh fruit skewers ( fruit of your choice )
Carbonated Water + frozen raspberries/kiwi slices (use non-carbonated water if preferred)
Blacker Pepper and Olive Triscuits
Deli style prosciutto 
Cantaloupe slices
Fresh mozzarella cheese
Coconut peanut butter cookies ( Udi's brand is THE best! )
Cocoa Roasted Almonds

The Goodie Bags:

Brown paper kraft bags 
Chocolate covered toasted coconut
Acai Lip Balm
Centrum Raspberry Vitamints + Original Vitamints ( get them here )
Refreshing aroma therapy


_________________ Party Setup _________________


Tablescape |  The base of this tablescape is a canvas of white. This crisp background makes all of the accents pop! Set the scene with a bright white tablecloth and then add in the color elements.

Accents | Accent the crisp what table with plates, napkins, and watercolor cups that bring in touches of green and gold! Pineapple shaped plates add a fun twist while the gold element makes them sophisticated. Watermelon napkins with gold accents and watercolor palm leaf cups solidify the theme!

Palm Fronds | The large palm fronds backdrop is what pull this tropical inspired party together! I grabbed some real palm fronds from my backyard for the large accent, but you can purchase fake fronds or a banana leaf removable wallpaper background like this.

+ The palm leaf cups are an easy DIY. Grab blank white paper cups, a fine watercolor brush and a starter watercolor palette. Paint your version of a palm leaf on the cups and let dry! This adds a personal touch to the decor.



Crostinis |  For the savory element of this party food-scape I went with a crostini inspired bite. Triscuit crackers can be topped with sweet or savory ingredients, making them the perfect choice for an easy party appetizer! To make this appetizer simply top cracked black pepper and olive oil Triscuits with cantaloupe slices, deli style prosciutto ( italian ham ), and a slice of fresh mozzarella! They are delicious.

Fruit Skewers |  Skewers make a beautiful presentation for fruit! Since this is a tropical party I went with brightly colored fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon! You can use any fruit that you like! Pineapple is a great addition!

Coconut Peanut Butter Cookies |  Keeping in line with our tropical decor theme, the sweet treat for the foodscape is Coconut Peanut Butter Cookies. Oh my yum! Udi's brand is the best, and they are gluten free! You can find them at your local grocery store.

Cocoa Roasted Almonds | Keep guests snacking happy with cocoa roasted almonds. They are a little sweet and a little salty! They make a perfect tasty handful.

Infused Sparkling Water |  Sparkling water adds a fun and sophisticated flair to the beverage for this party! Fill a pitcher with flavored or unflavored carbonated water, and add in some frozen raspberries and kiwi slices for a fresh flavor. It is that simple! You can infuse the water with any fruit that you prefer.



Kraft Bags | Brown kraft bags make these favors feel natural and casual! Just like a tropical getaway. Fill them with health supporting goodies and sweet treats! Secure goodie bags with gold paperclips for a touch of sophistication.

Aroma Therapy | Treat your guests with a refreshing aroma therapy like lemon grass or peppermint!

Chocolate Covered Coconut | Keeping with the tropical theme, include chocolate covered toasted coconut clusters as a sweet treat for guests to enjoy even after they have left the party! Solid dark chocolate, or even sweet white chocolate squares, are another delicious option for these favors.

Acia Lip Care | Caring for ourselves inside and out is the theme! Include a revitalizing lip balm for guest to use and enjoy the nourishing benefits!

Centrum Vitamints | Encourage guests to enjoy taking care of themselves and stay healthy with simple solutions like Centrum Vitamins and Gummies! I stopped by Walmart and grabbed two great Centrum Vitamints flavors: Raspberry and Cool Mint. A health supporting vitamin like Centrum is a thoughtful addition to these goodie bags! You can get any/all of the flavors here, or stop by your local Walmart and pick some up!


The tablescape for this party is bright and happy with crisp white backgrounds, pops of gold, tropical accents, Seriously, how fun are gold pineapple plates?! Etsy shops for the win! Delicious fresh fruit skewers, raspberry-kiwi infused water, and savory prosciutto melon appetizers will satisfy guests hunger, and your own! The theme of this party if taking care of ourselves! Treating guests with thoughtful goodie bags that support the theme of taking care of our bodies, inside and out, is the perfect way to send them off and leave them encouraged! Fill your goodie bags with revitalizing aroma therapy, natural lip balm, health supporting vitamins like Centrum Vitamints or Gummies, and toasted coconut covered in chocolate! Everything you need to take a break, care for yourself, and relax!

 |  *These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  |


This tropical beach inspired party tutorial brings together everything calming and fun about a day with friends at the beach, but, right in your home! What better way to celebrate taking care of yourself than relaxing at home with your closest friends for a small, easy, breezy party!

Come together, relax, and welcome taking care of yourself, inside and out!

How do you enjoy staying healthy with Centrum Gummies and Vitamints!? Will you give this tropical party a go? Tell me all about it in the comments! Have a beautiful day!

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