Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Hello, Hello! Y'all know how much I really adore finding new blogs to follow and getting to know their lovely authors. It's a chance to make a new friend! Who doesn't like making new friends? Especially when they totally get the blogging thing. A short while back Merrissa took over the blog and shared some fun details about her new "Tees and Tanks" line, Rad Maverix Brand.  Merrissa was kind enough to offer all of you a special code for 25% off! Isn't she sweet!? 

Today, Merrissa is sharing a little bit about herself! So get to know her better below and be sure to check out Rad Maverix Brand! Don't forget to use code BOONE&OWL for $25 off!

____________  MERRISSA | RAD MAVERIX   ____________

| How did you get into blogging?
 I actually started blogging last summer, June 2013. Rad Maverix started out as a tool to keep my best friend, Candace, and I connected while she was away at college. Since then, she has started a new career and left the Rad Maverix scene, so I have been running RadMav by myself, since May. I try to find time for blogging and maintaining my work schedule—sometimes I totally suck at this!

| Tell us something we don't know about you!
 I am launching a chic tees and tank line this fall! Hopefully, by the end of August, or early September, I will have everything ready to launch! Rad Maverix Brand will provide (affordable) tees and tanks that are comfortable; yet chic & exclusive. Go like our FB pg for sneak peeks and discounts! (Rad Maverix Brand)

| Where do you find creativity?
 I find creativity in the everyday hustle and bustle. Oh and I guess Pinterest is always handy to spark a few ideas. :)

| What are three things you absolutely can't live without?
 My phone, camera & my dogs. My phone, I know, so cliché. But how would I keep up with Kimye and the latest blogger must-haves, without my phone?! I invested in a (nicer) camera last summer. It’s awesome, I just need to learn how to use it like the pros. Lastly, my dogs. I seriously could not live without them. Everyone is always like, “I have the best dog(s) ever!!!! And down deep inside the rest of us are thinking “Yea, right,  have the best dog(s) ever!”

| What's the craziest fashion trend you've ever tried?
Anytime I hear the word “trend” I can’t help but think about myself in elementary school dancing to the Spice Girls at our school talent show and wearing rocking those white PLATFORM shoes. And omg, they’re coming back in style. That is one trend I will NOT let myself fall for…again.


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