Sunday, April 19, 2015
A Few Things | Razors are dangerous, violent inanimate objects. My razor decided to make a run for it, to escape my not so firm grasp, and brutally murdered two of my poor little toes in the process. How does that even happen? Not just one toe. TWO. On separate feet! So there I was, alone and dejected, standing in a pool of my own blood, contemplating the statistical probability of a razor falling and cutting even just one toe. 
It's bananas yo!

My sister, Tuna Love ( there’s a story there ), hit the road with some friends for gregarious fun at a theme park. I’m not the jealous type, but I have to admit I was a little green with envy. She left my two nieces with us so we had a sweet time with them. I learned that Hannah simply must have an Elsa cake for her birthday. "I need you to make me an Elsa cake. You have to.. have to have to have to, Aunt Jennifer!!!"

My father flies experimental aircraft, namely a Gyro Copter, which is just a fancy name for “lawn chair with propellers”. He has been going to fly-ins since I was a little girl. Every year we all gather out in the cul-de-sactake a selfie, help him pack his trailer, and send him on his way. This year was no exception. I fear to think what our neighbors think of us all out there in our pajamas carrying on. Hey, we are who we are. 

A Few Captures | Raspberry spelt muffins are my new favorite thing. They magically made me love both raspberries and coconut in one bite! | It's warm again so I can start wearing this floral dress all.the.time. | Throwback to carefree days in Hawaii. One of the best memories I have ever made. For one long sunny day I was utterly free. Such a gift! | I love love love palm trees! I don't know why, but I think they are the happiest tree; standing so tall with their sassy fronds dancing in the wind. 

boone-and-owl-hawaii-raspberry muffins

A Few Favorites

A Few Goals For The Week 
+ Organize the office
+ Clean out my closet
+ lunch date with my closest girlfriend ( finally! )
+ Mani/pedi party with the nieces 

A Random Tidbit |
A spider jumped on my face the other night and I screamed like a five year old. Actually, a spider jumped “near" my face and I had a William Shatner level overreaction. 

A Few words for the road
"A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can't go anywhere without changing it."

It's been a good week you guys. I hope your week was productive and filled with happy moments! Thanks so much for stopping by. I heart you, friends <3

 B L O G L O V I N  •  I N S T A G R A M    F A C E B O O K     T W I T T E R     P I N T E R E S T     


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