Why Snail Mail Is Good For The Soul + A Giveaway

Monday, December 21, 2015

Hey y'all! Can I share a joy of mine? Cards. Receiving and sending notecards is a tangible expression of care. Nothing says ' I was just thinking about ya ' quite like paper and ink. I so love opening my mailbox and finding a brightly colored envelope, imperfectly scrolled with my name; The surprise of what might be inside driving me to tear into it like a child, not having the patience to properly break the seal. Perhaps the card will make me chuckle, or smiley warmly. Maybe it will shimmer and shine, or be whimsically watercolored. A handpicked, handwritten note is a treasure in this world of cyber words. Hand written letters and notes are classic. They take effort and thought. They brighten our day and warm our hearts, filling up the deepest part of us that longs for connection.  A thoughtful note to let someone know you care for them, or even just that you were thinking about them, is sweet nectar for the soul. Let us reach out more, and share love through the written word, penned by our own hand!

I received my first Sincerely Box the other day, and it rocked my socks off! I leaped into the most beautiful ocean on creativity when I opened the neatly packed box of notecard love. Each card delightful, charming, and perfectly unique. Then I found the stamps. They are little nuggets of classic fun. It was good, you guys. I am so in love with my little box of cards... I almost do not want to send them anyone. I want them all to self! I am strongly considering framing the "seasonal beverages" card. That one deserves all of the laughing emoji.

What is Sincerely Box you ask? Y'all always asks such great questions ;)
Sincerely Box is a subscription service ( just $24/month ) that sends four unique hand lettered cards and four unique stamps each month. Haley and her husband started the company to encourage people to build their relationships, and keep in touch with one another by sending hand written notes on the most delightful, sassy, and cute cards around! Bonus: You can gift a Sincerely Box to someone you know! Just one box. No subscription needed. You can surprise them with a pretty little box full of happiness.

I can't get over how cute my notecards are! I should not have all the fun though. Haley has so sweetly offered to giveaway a free box of joy to one lucky lady! You can enter to win a free Sincerely Box in the Rafflecopter below ( at the end of this post ). Plus you can use coupon code BOONEANDOWL10 now to get 10% off your own subscription!

Do you love snail mail? When was the last time you sent someone a handwritten letter/note?  Let's chat in the comments XO

GIVEAWAY RUNS FROM 12/21 - 12/30



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