New Beginnings

Sunday, September 25, 2016
Hello! In case you didn’t notice, there have been some pretty substantial changes around here! I have been blogging for three years now [ Can that really be so! Time flies when you’re having fun! ], and as those three years have passed I have grown – And so has this blog. I am more certain of my creative voice, and my heart for this blog. It is time that this space reflected that growth and surety more fully. This little ole’ blog got a facelift, a new name, and more focused direction. I am terrified and thrilled and terrified some more about these new changes! 

Change is good though, friends. Taking a leap toward something new can be scary, but, the fear of failure should never stop you from moving forward!

The new look and direction for the blog was inspired by my love of fine art photography, and my appetite for delicious wholesome food. My heart for this space it to connect with other like minded women who love Jesus, love good food, and enjoy the pretty things in between.

I am so excited to share this new space with you. Welcome to The Nosh Life, sweet friends. I hope you'll join me here and find inspiration for your kitchen, closet, home, and heart!

With love,

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