How To Dress A Man - 4 Ways To Help Your Guy Dress Better

Friday, January 13, 2017

Guys are notorious for dressing more casually than we would like. Granted, there are times when Saturday afternoon casual is totally fine. We get yoga pants, they get sweats. Sometimes guys need a little encouragement to step up their fashion game. So today I am sharing 4 Ways To Help Your Guy Dress Better.

When I first met Austin his style was.. painfully atrocious. I love you honey. In the three years that we have known each other his style has grown leaps and bounds! I happily admit that I've had a hand in his wardrobe improvements. Helping your husband or boyfriend dress better is easier than you think. With a little support and encouragement you can help your guy reach his full style potential! Read on for four easy ways to help your guy dress better + a spectacular giveaway to get his wardrobe headed in the right direction!

By the way - Say hello to Mr. A. This stud of a man is making his first official appearance on the blog today. I have to say, his modeling skills aren't half bad ;)


Words Of Encouragement Will Get You Far //
Guys love it when we think they look good, and they love it when we tell them so. Give your guy a little ego boost and compliment him when he looks dapper. Encouraging an attractive and positive outfit choice is always a better path to take than complaining about the shirt, jeans, or jacket that we don't like. 

Boost his ego. He'll naturally gravitate more toward the articles of clothing that illicit a positive reaction from you. 

Understand What Makes Him Comfortable //
A sharp button down and a pair of slacks is a swoon worthy ensemble - Every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man. Your guy can't walk around like that all of the time though. Guys want to be comfortable. Period. End of story. Ask your guy why those jeans are his favorite. Why that shirt is his go-to. Seek to understand what makes him comfortable and encourage him to wear more refined peices that fit the comfort bill.

Austin has rather large arms and shoulders, so he doesn't feel comfortable wearing more slim fitted shirts like polos. That doesn't mean that he has to wear a ratty, stretched out t-shirt. Finding a happy medium with a comfort fit knit tee, sweater, or button down that gives him room to move, but also looks zipped up, is the perfect solution!

Remember, you're not out to change your guy.. just nudge him in a more mutually satisfying, stylish direction. Understand what makes him comfortable and help him find pieces that make the cut.


Surprise Him With Stylish Staples //
Look, guys hate shopping. It's downright painful for them. Surprise him with a staple piece - casual button down, a trendy jacket, a classic mens watch. Picking up a staple piece like a unique watch or a snazzy belt as a gift will help build up his debonair wardrobe. He'll appreciate what you give him because it's a gift and he'll love that you think he looks like a stud in his new duds.

Austin is wearing a really unique zebrawood watch that I picked up for him as a staple accessory. He loves it. I love it. We both win! I got this watch from Jord and he thinks it's really cool. It's easy for him to wear with a casual outfit or dress up for a date night with me - like you see here. Start with a piece like this then ease him into tees, jeans, and jackets!

Out With The Old, Replace with The New //
As you bring in new clothing pieces for your guy remove the more worn, dated, or downright unflattering pieces. You're not just purging his closest of the things that you hate - You're bringing in newer, fresher replacements!

A word of caution: don't do this under his nose. Show him the new piece that you picked up for him to wear and tell him what it replaces. Be excited about it! Chances are he'll be excited too. Remember, he wants to know that you think he looks good! If you replace an old piece with a new gifted piece he'll feel thought of and be eager to look dashing for you.


Now we all know that this doesn't work for every guy, and we know that some guys are masters of fashion, but, for all of those in-between men these are four surefire ways to encourage them to dress better!

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How do you help your guy dress better? What is your favorite style to see on your boyfriend or husband? Do you ever surprise your guy with stylish staples? What is your biggest style pet peeve that your guy is guilty of?

With love,

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