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Sunday, June 30, 2013
I know that I am terribly late with this post. What's the point in writing a weekend post two hours (now thirty minutes) before the weekend ends? I'm not sure, but, I'm doing it anyway!

Chili powder in the eye smarts. I started the week with a bang. I managed to get chili powder in my eye, at the start of this past week. I'll take another concussion over that excruciating experience.

Aubrey, over at The Kinch Life, accepted my last minute sponsorship. Obviously, this is not as exciting for you as it is for me, but, YAY!

My sister (otherwise known as Tuna Love) has packed up the niblets, along with most of the house, and hit the road. Facetime hangouts just weren't cutting it. We'll be celebrating someone's fifth birthday Tuesday, so we're already decorating! There will be no time once the munchkins get here. My sister and the hubs are taking driving shifts all night to get here. Let the misbehaving begin!

If you haven't visited Everyday Elise, you should at your earliest convenience. I love her blog, it's a favorite. Go check her out!

I'm going to shamelessly plug myself. After July 1st, ( that's tomorrow/today people! ) you will no longer be able to use Google Reader to follow your favorite blogs, it's biting the dust. So, hop on over to bloglovin'. It's super easy to create an account and follow your favorites. If you follow Boone+Owl via Google Reader, scamper on over to bloglovin' now and follow. Or not. No pressure. I love you all anyway!

All right, I think that's about it for this post.
I hope you had a beautiful Sunday!

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