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Monday, July 8, 2013
Once again, I am writing a weekend post an hour and a half before the weekend ends. I do have an excuse this time. After an exhausting day on the beach, I conked out on the couch. I woke up some time in the very recent past. I am a very committed person. Rain, shine, sleepiness, t-minus sixty minutes till monday, I will get this weekend post written!

This past week has been a blast! We celebrated my niece's fifth birthday. She wanted a lavender princess cake, and that is exactly what she got. Complete with princess sparkles.
My sweet bestie, Llana, brought me get well flowers, balloons, and a card. I may have neglected to tell her I had a concussion. I was under the hardheaded ( does that count as a pun? ) impression that I am the picture of health. Considering that I fell forward, into the chair in front of me, in church this morning.. I am going to admit that my mother ( and maybe the doctors ) are right
"You have a brain injury!".

I am not a t-shirt kind of person, but, I found such a shirt with a sequined panda bear on it. I mean, that is possibly the epitome of cute. The fact that I refrained from buying it is regrettable.
Lots of sister time has taken place since the troublemakers arrival. Most of which has taken place on the beach. I am proudly a light toasted porcelain.
I re-realized that the CBC ( my church ) property is quite beautiful. I snagged the opportunity to insatgram that fact.
One last thing! Rebekah, from Creatively Beloved has nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thank you Rebekah! I am looking forward to answering her questions. She is a sweetheart. You should stop by her blog and leave her a little love.

That's about it for this A Few Things post. I hope you all had a beautiful July 4th!
And since it is technically Monday now..

Happy Monday, friends

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