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Saturday, March 29, 2014
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It's time for Pinterest Favorites of the Week! I've moved Pinterest Favorites to the weekend. It makes so much more sense this way, don't ya think? Who does a weekly favorites post in the middle of the week. This girl! But no more. You can count on Pinterest Favorites every weekend from now on. Hopefully I'll be able to get them up on Fridays. If not, Saturdays will fit the bill!

This week I found some fun + helpful + delicious things in my hours of pinning. Can we all agree that the triangle bobby pin fun and lavender skirt are happiness!? Anywho, this is what I'm loving this week. Happy Spring my people!

DIY Colorblock Spoons. I stinking love this. It's really easy and the metallic paint adds a pretty contrast with the woodgrain of the spoon. I love anything with a bit of shimmer. I will definitely be rocking this DIY in my kitchen soon!

How To: Alternative Braid. It's spring which means it's time to break out the side braids! If you have day old curls a side braid is your friend. This braid is a cross between a messy fishtail and traditional braid. So funky and perfect for casual spring days. I did a test run at 3am and it was not my best attempt. This actually is simple and terribly cute.

"You Got This". This is my quote for the week. I actually say this to family and friends as a simple encouragement at the end of a conversation about something they may feel nervous about. It's short and sweet but true. If you want something and you're prepared and pursuing it but there are difficulties or you're feeling nervous about it, give it your all with boldness, and you totally got this.

Fun With Bobby. I never thought to use bobby pins as a fashion statement. How fun is this!? It's such a simple, subtle statement. Aren't those fun. The little fashion statements that not everyone will notice are some of my favorites. You could actually do this to fasten the loose hairs at the nape of the neck in a side braid. Add a little something extra!

9 Practical Ways To Get Serious About Blogging. These nine tips are great! Shanice actually has a lot of posts like this on her blog. They are always very helpful, and sometimes just serve as nice reminders for those times when blogging kind of wears you out. Blogging is a job. Your blog needs constant attention if you truly want to grow it. These nine tips are really helpful if you want to get serious about your blog! If you need to find some good resources for blogging, Shanice's blog is the place to go.

DIY Fluted Hem Skirt. I'm not sure that I can actually put into words how much I love this. It's lavender. It has a fluted hem. IT'S LAVENDER. The cut is also flattering, and we all love a good flattering cut. This skirt is happens to be great for spring too. There's kind of a spring theme to this week's post. Pair it with a strappy blouse and a snazzy pair of sandals and you'd be good to go! Better get to sewing!

Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. This vegan ice cream recipe is absolute heaven. I have a Kitchen-Aid ice cream maker that I'm putting to work with this recipe! Ice cream is a weakness of mine. In my mind, ice cream is an essential food group. It's a problem. 

How To: Find The Correct Image Source On Pinterest. It's really frustrating when you pin something and then try to follow the link later on and it doesn't take you to the source of the photo, tutorial, or recipe. It's terribly disappointing. Alyssa has a couple of tips for easily finding the correct original source for your pins! Very helpful!

Blush Balancer. This lovely tutorial from The Beauty Department shows you exactly how to add the perfect natural flush of blush to your face. This is the technique I use when I wear blush. Give it a try to create the illusion of a healthy glow for spring!

What are you loving this week?

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