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Saturday, March 8, 2014
Happy Saturday! So Brittney from Like An Arrow ( formerly True Vintage Love ) is one of my favorite bloggers. She also happens to be hanging out on my sidebar. Yay! Brittney has a wonderfully creative blog and her style shines through every post! Am I allowed to admit that I may be slightly jealous of her creativity? I find her blog and her style very inspiring! Get to know her below and definitely check out her pretty space!

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What are three things you absolutely can't live without?
 Hmmm… my Clarisonic for one. My skin would be such a mess without it. Netflix. Although that’s a love/hate relationship. (READ: I. GET. NOTHING. DONE.) The Graco swing we bought when Kendalynn was like a month old. THANK YOU GRACO. Thank you for making a miracle device. Kendalynn knocks out in like 10 mins or less.

• Who inspires you most?
I have always answered this question the same way, all twenty-two years of my life. But now it’s different. When you have a child, they inspire you the most. You want to do good, you want to be good. You want to give them everything and show them what being a great person is. But also, my mother inspires me. She raised my brother and I by herself all my life and we went through so many things, but just seeing the way she lived life and how she made sure to provide for us, makes me feel like I can do anything.

• Tell us something we don't know about you!
A lot of people don’t know what I was a dancer on the drill team in high school. I was totally the opposite from everyone. Girly, yes, but my love for black will never die. Black nails, black clothes, black purse, etc. I’m still that way. I listened to different music, hung out with different people, and just was different all around. That didn’t stop me from doing something I love. Dancing. I love to dance. I haven’t in a long time, but I definitely want to do mommy and me ballet classes when Kendalynn gets old enough. If she wants to, that is. (I am really crossing my fingers though.)

• What do you do to stay creative?
 It sounds so weird, but the times I come up with some of my best ideas are when I am just sitting in the car looking out the window, watching tv but not really watching (you know what I mean, you do it too), or when I am laying in bed, falling asleep. Don’t you hate that? But it’s true, that’s when the ideas flow. Sometimes I will put them in my notes section on my iPhone, or sometimes I even draw sketches of stuff on some apps I have. When I am stuck in a rut, I like looking through Pinterest through stuff, listening to music, and just browsing other blogs online.

• How did you get into blogging?
 It’s so weird when I think about this. I have been reading peoples blogs for a long time, without even thinking about the fact that they’re a ‘blogger’ or what it even means to be a blogger. I’d look up something like “How to fill in eyebrows” or something random and I would find stuff on blogs, bookmark it, sign up by email, or stalk the page really (guilty of still doing it.) Or when I was getting married I would search through stuff, too. Then I got pregnant and wanted to keep an online scrapbook, and what better way to do that than blogging? I starting writing about Kendalynn, which led to the story of my husband and I, which led to my DIY wedding. Then I got the idea of just posting all the DIY stuff I do, because I did a lot. Now it’s a hot mess of everything, lol. Blogging just sort of happened. It wasn’t even planned to be honest.

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