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Thursday, March 20, 2014
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Hey! So I'm finally back home from the Sunshine state. I've done very well at being lazy about blogging since I returned. In my defense though, I've only been home since late Monday night. Which technically was early Tuesday morning. So I'm actually doing really well here! 

I've slowly been working my way through this Grow Your Blog mini series. It's a lot of fun to do and hopefully is helpful to you lovely people! This go around is all about using Facebook to grow your blog. You may or may not be on the fence about Facebook. Some bloggers love it and some hate it. I've heard some bloggers say half of the time posts only make it to fourteen ( or less ) news feeds. Other's swear by Facebook. I was pretty skeptical when I created Boone+Owl's Facebook page, but as time has passed I have found it to be a useful tool. So I've picked a side and jumped the fence. 

I love Facebook.

If you're a blogger, you need to have a Facebook page. There. I've said it. It's just that simple. That being said, you must use it wisely. So here are some tips to help you make the most of your blog's Facebook page and drive more traffic to your blog!

Images equal clicks. The main purpose of a Facebook page is to inform your followers/readers about your new posts and push traffic back toward your blog. If your Facebook post doesn't catch someone's eye, they're not going to follow the link. Images equal clicks. Make sure you include a lovely image from your post to catch your readers' attention on their news feed. This is one of the best things you can do to help your posts be seen on Facebook news feeds. 

| Engage with your readers. You don't have to only share your blog posts on your Facebook page. Offer up a conversation starter by asking your readers a question. Give your readers a chance to share something about themselves or share their opinion. Even if it's something simple. For example: Emily from The Freckled Fox is excellent at this. She recently posted a picture of a cute little cactus and asked her readers what the feisty little cactus should be named. (Emily and I share a love of naming things). It was a fun way to engage with her readers and she got a wonderful lighthearted response from many ladies, including myself. Asking questions is a wonderful way to engage with your readers. Make it fun!

| Status Updates. Share things about yourself, but keep it fun and professional! In the middle of a DIY project you plan to blog about next week? Share a snippet with your readers and tell them how it's coming along. Get hit in the eye with a granola bar and now have your first official black eye? ( This seriously happened to me ). Well, tell your readers about that too! Keep your readers up to date, and share blog related glimpses of your life. Keep it fun!

| Etiquette. When your readers do engage on your Facebook page, respond to them ASAP! It's important to respond to questions or comments left on a post. After all, blogging is about building relationships. You want to be accessible and personable with your readers. Be appreciative, caring, and friendly, it goes a long way. 

And there it is my lovely people! Four tips to help you grow your blog with Facebook.

Are you on the "love it" or "hate it" side on Facebook pages? How has Facebook helped your blog? Tell me about it!

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