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Saturday, March 15, 2014
Happy Saturday! It's day five of Spring Break in Florida. Sadly, there are only two days left in said break. And really, this hasn't been a normal Spring Break. I've been in Florida dealing with a death in the family. It has been very sad around here, and yet, there are moments of joy being with family. And that is priceless.

I really love to find the beauty in things. Sometimes what I think is beautiful isn't to others, and that's okay. But I find comfort and happiness in capturing things that I find lovely. I always have my camera on me. It's terribly beaten up at this point. It jumped out of my hands one day and hurled itself down a flight of stairs. I've sat on it, stepped on it, dropped it on the pavement, slung it into walls ( that's a problem for me, I knock into walls often ), I've done every destructive thing possible to it. She ain't pretty, but she works. With that old beaten up camera I document the little things in life that spark memories, things that I admire, things that make me laugh, things that are the lovely handiwork of God. I love life's beautiful and memorable moments. Documenting those moments in pictures is one of my great joys in life. So, as I've been here in Florida with family, I've documented my surroundings; taking pictures of things that make me smile, things that are lovely, things that you'll probably wonder why I took a picture of them. Like the gelato. What's up with that? I document everything. That includes the Florida tradition of daily trips to Paciugo. 

These pictures are my way of finding the beauty and happiness around me in the midst of sorrow. Especially when I capture something and I know that Barbara Ann would have thought it was delightful. Or seeing something and knowing that she would have urged me to take a picture of it. So here is a snapshot of the beauty, fun, and happiness I've found during my time in Florida.
What do you find beautiful?

Spring Break In Florida, Beauty In The Midst Of Sorrow, Pink flowers
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Spring Break In Florida, spring break 2014, beauty, photography, family traditions

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