Saturday, May 17, 2014
So today is seriously an awesome day! Why? Because It's Color Run Saturday!! I've wanted to do The Color Run for a while now. I couldn't stand it! So, when I found out the Kaleidoscope Tour was hitting Savannah, GA, I frolicked through the house like a giddy little kid. Of course, I informed my friends that "We're doing the color run! No questions. I've registered all of us. This is happening" What's an hour drive to participate in The Happiest 5k On The Planet.

Yesterday, was The Color Run Check-In Party. At Whole Foods. Next to the Chipotle. Could it get any better? I mean, seriously. That's a win win.. win. Everything about Check-In was fun. Waiting in line, all the Color Run flags blowing in the wind, collecting gear, shopping for more gear. The kaleidoscope photo booth!

So here are a few snapshots from yesterday of what I deemed extremely exciting fun. Expect live updates of the color fun today!

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