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Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy Hump Day my people! What gets you through the day that is the middle child of the week? Personally I like to get all dolled up and run errands. Other things that make me happy are receiving snazzy handmade accessories from some of my favorites, oh and giving away one of those über cute handmade accessories to one lucky reader! 

Samantha from Elah Tree has a fantastic Etsy Shop full of colorful wristlets, wallets, clutches + a scarf or two! Lookseetake a gander! Aren't those stinking lovely!? A pretty little package arrived in the mail with my new favorite, and quickly becoming beloved mini navy blue flowery clutch. It's a makeup bag, it's a wallet, it's a playful little clutch! It's anything you want it to be! I don't have a proper wallet and I'm always losing my credit card and cash in my purse. Among other things. It's horribly frustrating. 

Do you have this problem? What's the craziest thing you've ever found hiding at the bottom of your purse?

So! With a twinkle of delight in my eye I tucked my plastic money, paper money, a forgotten chapstick, the always lost bobby pins, eyeshadow, and an on-the-go blush brush, neatly into the perfect little catch all. I get really ecstatilated ( ecstatic + elated ) about these things. My life is so much more organized now. Thank you Samantha! Truly, Samantha does wonderful work and has so much creativity with her designs! Her sturdy, yet oh so pretty designs just put a smile on your face, and adds something truly special to the tried and true wallets, clutches, and carry-alls that we all have tucked away in our Simpson, Fossil, and Spade purses!

Here's the cherry on top of the prettiness.. Samantha is giving away one of her Wristlet Clutches in the Sweet Blue Birds pattern! It's pictured below, just above the Rafflecopter, to tempt you even more! It only takes a minute to enter, so let the pictures delight your eyes, and then go on and put your name in the pot! Best of luck!

What would you use your Sweet Blue Birds Wristlet Clutch for?

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