Thursday, June 12, 2014
Boone  and Owl Pinspiration: Gypsy Style, The Freckled Fox, Tom Hiddleston quotes, bean stew recipe, kate spade tights

Hey guys! I know I haven't done a Pinterest Favorites post in a while. I also know that I'm supposed to put up Pinterest Favorites posts on the weekend. But I'm a rebel! So here ya go. Happily a quote from Tom Hiddleston made it into this post. Ha! You're welcome.

On a completely different note: I posted on twitter to see how y'all felt about a Pinspiration Wednesday Linkup, and I got some good feedback. The idea is that the linkup would be about finding pinspiration, for your blog, and your daily life. Linkup what inspired you that week and discover new inspiration. The linkup would have the general layout of a Pinterest Favorites post ( nine Pin grid + descriptions and links ) with a linkup under the post. In order to make the linkup happen I need co-hosts! I'm still working out some of the little details, but if you're interested in being a permanent co-host shoot me an email!!  | | I need lovely ladies to join in and bring the linkup to a broader audience.

On to the Pin worthy goodness!

FESTIVAL HAIR: GYPSY STYLE. I know this isn't necessarily practical outside of, well, a festival. But Emily did such a fantastic job creating this look! It totally speaks to me. I need someone to rock this look with. Any takers!? We'll go shopping, drink coffee, and look bohemian gypsy cool.

SALTED CARAMEL CHOCOLATE DOUGHNUTS. For my fellow sweet tooth's out there. You might have to do 200 extra ab exercises, but it will be so worth it.. right?

HOW TO: PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS + PHONE. If you're like me, your iPhone is your constant companion. Almost all of my photos are taken with my iPhone. Taking decent looking photos isn't always that easy, so this post was helpful!

LATE ANYWAY. I search and search for this exact watch, but came up empty handed. It's perfect though. Time is really abstract to me. "Whatever, I'm late anyway" should be my tag line.

KATE SPADE GOLD DOT TIGHTS. These are the best thing ever! I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to my love of gold + dots. So these make my heart way happy. How cute would these be with the right dress!

PINEAPPLE PRINT. Who knew pineapple's could be so lovely. It makes the perfect lock screen! Such a lovely delight to look at.

FREE SCROLL TO TOP BUTTONS. I need to add one of these to the ole blog. Do you have a scroll to top button? These are really fun and can be added in a snap.

SPICY GREENS + PARMESAN BEAN STEW. Food is just so so good.  I think the addition of tasty greens with a delicious bean stew would be amazing! Don't you?

I GUESS WHEN YOU SMILE IT'S JUST JOY COMING OUT OF YOU. Why yes, Tom, I think so too. This is a reminder quote to be joyful and smile! You'll feel better, those around you will fell better. If you're joyful, others will be too. 

What are your favorites this week?

Don't forget, if you're interested in co-hosting a Pinspiration Wednesday linkup shoot me an email! 


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