Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hey girls! I'm excited about this tutorial. It's a slightly understated, and messy faux hawk. This undo is simple. You can do it in four steps! I naturally have very curly hair. I get it from my dad. Don't even ask about the good old days of his thick, curly mullet..
On days when I'm feeling really brave I amp this faux hawk up! You can begin it higher on your head and really fan the curls out for volume. I rock that on date nights ;)
Here's how you achieve the Messy Faux Hawk:

Before you begin, spray a little bit of Garnier's curl shaping gel onto your hands and scrunch into your hair. This is not absolutely necessary. I just really like the extra texture it gives the hair.

| 1 small hair clip
| 3 hair elastics
| 10+ bobby pins

STEP 1: First start by adding a small pompadour to the front of your hair and securing ( temporarily ) in place with the hair clip. 

STEP 2: Take your pointer fingers, and starting right in front of your ears, pull the sides of your hair up to meet the tail of the pompadour. Twist into a messy bun with a hair elastic. This in essence is a half up/half down top knot. Remove hair clip from base of pompadour. 

STEP 3: Taking your pointer fingers again, start just below your ears and run them up to the crown of your head, separating the remaining hair. Twist this hair into a messy bun with a hair elastic. Grab the last bit of hair and twist into another messy bun with a hair elastic. When this step is all said and done, you should have three messy buns sitting atop your head. It will look ridiculous, but it gets the job done!

STEP 4: Loosen up those messy buns! Tug gently on the curls loosening things up a bit. This will add the lose volume that we're looking for, and give the faux hawk a bit of classy drama. Grab the bobby pins and pin the buns in place, pulling the second and third bun up toward the first. This will form the faux hawk. Push the bobby pin in toward the base of each bun to unsure that they are secure. Pin any lose curls in toward the center of the faux hawk. 

+ Mist your hair with a little hairspray to keep flyways in place!

This faux hawk is super easy. I did it for this tutorial with no mirror! A little practice makes this a five minute updo. This messy faux hawk can be done in exactly the same way if you have curled your hair with a curling wand. I do suggest using thinner hair elastics if you do this with wand curled hair. 

Let's talk hair in the comments! What is your stance on the faux hawk? Love or hate this look!? Do you have a go-to hairstyle? 



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