Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hey lovelies! Today's post is just a touch different that usual. Bailey Jean from Brave Love is hosting the Blog-tember Challenge again this year! The Blog-tember challenge is a daily linkup, with prompts for each day provided by Bailey Jean HERE. Blogging every. single. day. can be daunting, but who doesn't love a challenge! If blogging everyday is too much, just pick the days/prompts that work for you, and join in! Be sure to use #blogtemberchallenge If you share your posts on Twitter or Instagram

Day 1: Introduce yourself.

___  H E R  ___

For those not familiar with the girl behind the blog, let me introduce myself; I'm Jen! I'm a fresh college graduate ( Hallelujah ), follower of Christ, blogger, graphic designer, and gym rat with a foodie's heart. 

I have a Bachelor's in Biblical Studies. Why? Well, one of my heart's desires is to be married and have a family. I want to homeschool my children, and give them a solid foundation rooted in God's Word. I was homeschooled myself, and it was an amazing experience!  

I love clothes. 
Fashion is a very personal way of expressing yourself for the world to see! It's your personality personified in a dress, a necklace, that perfect pair of heels..
It is something that everyone can have fun with, and should! 

I love food
Food is something that can be shared with others. It almost encourages friendship bonding! Plus, it has the power to make you feel strong and energetic, or run down and sluggish. I'm quite fond of the former, and adore sharing fresh, healthy recipes that help you feel strong too!

I love encouraging/inspiring others
Being a woman is hard. There are so many pressures that weigh heavy on our hearts and minds. I know what a small word of encouragement can do for my outlook. My goal is to encourage and uplift the hearts of the women around me, and those that I meet through this blog, and brighten your outlook too! I so genuinely care for each of you. If I can encourage or inspire y'all for even just a minute, I am content. 

That is really what is at the heart of Boone & Owl. Expressing who you are through fashion, eating well, and encouraging others in our day to day lives! This space is my heart. It is me, and I want it to be a sanctuary for purity, creativity, style, individuality, healthy living, inspiration, and encouragement. 

That is little ole me. I would so love to know more about you guys too! Link me up to your blogs in the comments. Tell me more about yourself. Let's connect!



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