A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words: Part Two

Friday, September 13, 2013
We are finally back on the mainland! We hopped on a plane Sunday night and arrived home Monday around dinner time. So weird. The time change cost me half a day! It was absolutely worth it though. As you can imagine, I took lots and lots of pictures. I posted an image pretty much everyday on Instagram and Facebook.

I managed to post a few of the snapshots from our trip, while sitting up late in our hotel room. I love staying in hotels. Does anybody else share this love? There's just something so fun about walking into a hotel and being greeted by some adorable front desk clerk and then riding the elevator up to your floor, swiping the key at your door, and entering an icy cold room; with beds perfectly made, cute soaps in the bathroom, and a little refrigerator to hold limeade and those deli sandwiches you just paid out the nose for.

Since I took so many pictures from our holiday, I'll probably have a part three and four posted in short order. If you get sick of looking at all of my pictures, don't tell me. Just let me wallow in my post vacation excitement!

We went to Kualoa Ranch and spent the entire day exploring the ranch, making new friends and great memories. We went on the "Jungle Expedition" and had a blast with our guide, Topher. It was a super bumpy ride up hills, down hills, and poor Cailin took a large bite out of an apple that had maggots. One of the few traumatizing events of our trip. We also went on a tour of various ranch locations where movies and tv shows were filmed. We attempted to look frightened behind the dead tree from Jurassic Park, but just ended up laughing. The best part of our ranch tour was the three hour visit to Secret Island where we kicked back, lounged in the sun, paddle boarded, and harassed Godfrey. We truly did luck out and got the best tour guides for Secret Island.


Godfrey, "Oreo filling", and James. They were super helpful, fun, and had great stories from growing up in Hawaii. The ranch visit was by far my favorite day in the whole trip! Of course, the nightly froyo trips, and sun baking on one of the top five beaches in the world are high up on the list too. But those pictures are for part three!

                                                                   Have a fantastic Friday!

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