Fall Shenanigans

Monday, October 21, 2013
I ran off into the sunset with the last days of my week long break. It was blissful, beautiful, and it all comes crashing down to a tragic end, Romeo and Juliet style, tomorrow. I made some attempt to scan over the syllabus for one of my classes. I got swallowed up somewhere in the first assignment. I think my these classes will be fantastic mindset started bleeding out. But no matter, the challenge fuels my hate fire for failure. I see accomplishment on the horizon and that drives me.

As a close out to fall break, I headed over to the barn for the much anticipated Nicker Treat Halloween party ( how clever is that since horses nicker. You know I love my puns ). The whole gang came. Food, fellowship, a creepy infested stall for the kiddos, and glow sticks. We can't forget about glow sticks. I have had a disproportionate love of glow sticks for many years now and I can't tell you of the happiness that seeing 30+ people donning glow sticks brought me. I made a glow stick crown and proudly flitted about wearing it hippie style. Not many things make me feel ten again, but, that certainly does. Last night also included the first bonfire of the season. This familiar amber friend never fails to bring everyone together and encourage conversation, laughter, and the burning of marshmallows. 

Growing up, we were not allowed to go trick or treating. It never bothered me. Especially with the general rowdiness that it brought with it. Plus, in lieu of trick or treating my parents always took us to our church Harvest Party. It had everything. Music, food, games, hayrides, bonfires, and bags of candy for everyone at the end of the night. It is open to the community so everybody and their mother shows up to this event every year. This results in a party for a few hundred people, and it is truly a great time. The Harvest Party still remains one of my favorite events of the season.

My cousins, from the sunshine state, have a huge Halloween shindig every year. Thousands of people trick or treat in their neighborhood. I'm talking full costumes and sets. The theme is different every year, but it is almost always a Disney theme. A few years ago the theme was Alice in Wonderland Johnny Depp style. We decided to make the trip and participate in the shenanigans. I was called upon to be Alice, and a family friend volunteered to be the White Rabbit. I don't remember why, but, I volunteered myself to make, from scratch, a White Rabbit costume. I have tendencies toward perfectionism and a creative mind. So, I set about cutting, sowing, and dyeing. I literally turned Stephen, the family friend, into the White Rabbit. Stephen and I took a walk around the neighborhood, as our characters, and the reactions were priceless. The classic Alice and White Ribbit wandering the streets. Children were either mesmerized or terrified. Dads just thought it was cool. The sweetest thing from that trip were the little kids that truly believed I was Alice and would ask me questions about the Mad Hatter, Red Queen, and if I missed Wonderland.

There are so many fun fall memories to look back on from years past. And I'm sure many great memories yet to be made. What are some of your favorite fall memories?

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