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Saturday, January 4, 2014
New Years Eve is always extra fun around our house because when the clock strikes midnight we not only celebrate the new year, but we also celebrate a birthday. My dad's birthday. He officially turned 50  when the big 2014 hit. Over the hill, yet, 50 years young. My father is one of the most gregarious, jovial people I have ever known, and I've known some doozies. He's the kind of person that starts poking fun like you're old friends, when you first meet. He's a kind, generous, trustworthy, godly man of integrity, and I am deeply thankful for his life!

When my sister and I were little we used to make handmade cards for our parents on birthdays or other special occasions. My sister has since moved on to snazzy Hallmark cards ( more power to her! ), but, I have stuck to the tradition. Mostly because that's just who I am. I have always been the messy crafter. It's in my blood. So this year I broke out the card stock, fancy ribbons, stamps, and yes, glitter. It was totally masculine, I promise. He appreciates that kind of stuff and it makes me feel like his little girl, and well, I am. I suppose I always will be.

To ring in the new year + celebrate the birthday, we had some friends over for food, lot and lots of food, bubbly ( sparkling grape juice ), the reading of birthday cards, dancing ( we can cupid shuffle like nobody's business ), and games! Have you ever played Blurt? If you haven't, you should. It's a fast paced trivia board game that's a hoot and a holler. The more people you have playing the better! 
Everyone had a great time full of laughter and good memories. It was a great New Year's Eve and a spectacular birthday celebration.

To my over the hill, yet 50 years young father: I love you tremendously, and I'm thankful that I can call you one of my best friends! Happy fiftieth year!

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