Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Hey, friends! I'm stepping away from the blog today so the lovely Leah from My Favorite Adventure can take over! I could not be more thrilled about this! Leah is a gem. Her writing always puts a smile on my face. She is real. She is playful. She is just herself. Stepping into her creative space is like sitting down with a friend. Comfortable and genuine! Stop by My Favorite Adventure on your way out of here ;) You simply will not regret it!

Hey, hey, everyone! I'm Leah, the blogger behind My Favorite Adventure, and I'm taking over Boone & Owl for the day! But first, a little bit about me. I'm recently (as in "less than six months" recently) married to my high school sweetheart. Tyler and I started dating when I was 15 and he was 18, so we've navigated a lot of life's changes together! I'm a church secretary by day, which I love. Doing ministry on a daily basis rocks. Seriously. Some of my hobbies (other than blogging) include reading voraciously, napping too often, Snapchatting, and watching The Mindy Project.

Tyler and I on our wedding day. Say it with me... "Awww!" When I was brainstorming ideas for this post, I looked back through the first few pages of Jen's blog and was reminded that the girl knows fashion. I mean SERIOUSLY. If you're a reader of hers already like I am, you'll know that, but if you're new around here, PLEASE check out her fashion category. Can we say Pinterest-worthy? She's got style on lock down. I'm not a fashion blogger and never will be. Honestly. I've even posted about it before! Then I shared an outfit of mine and stood in the snow awkwardly and remembered why I said I'll never be a fashion blogger. Today, I'm going to share with you why I think fashion bloggers are the bomb-diggity.

One. Homegirls know how to look comfortable in front of the camera. I'm a photographer that will gladly stay behind the lens for this very reason. The only reason our engagement and wedding pictures looked halfway decent is because we had a bomb photographer that told us exactly what to do. Hallelujah for that one, amiright? 

Two. They're more creative with their wardrobe then I'll ever be. I have a pretty basic uniform: flowy top, high-waisted jeans, ankle booties or gladiators, depending on the season. Done. If you see me on any given day in the office or on the weekend, that's what I'm wearing. It's comfy and it looks good on me, so I stick with it. Fashion bloggers on the other hand... experimenting with clothes is like second-nature. Trying things on in a store probably doesn't give them hives (or maybe it does, I don't know). Switching it up is just par for the course. 

Three. They have hubbies, moms, sisters, etc. that love helping them out. I've had my husband and my younger sister take some pictures of me for my blog and it was like pulling teeth. Seriously. "What is this even for?" "Why do you need pictures of you shopping online?" "There are people watching us!" Props to the willing (or I guess unwilling) photographers that are behind the awesome outfit photo shoots.

Now do you love Jen even more after you realized how much work goes into a fashion post? Because I do! If you're a fashion blogger reading this, THANK YOU. If you aren't a fashion blogger like me, SHOW SOME APPRECIATION. What would Pinterest be without them, right?

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