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Saturday, August 17, 2013
Today I am linking up with Katie from Katie Did What, and sharing some things that I am loving right now. I love Katie's link up, it's a blast and a half seeing what other bloggers are loving right now.

So, let's get this cart rolling.

I get excited and love many things. It is just my nature - I'm happy and bubbly and excitable. I am like a toddler when I find cute clothes.

Can me haves it!?

So it is safe to say that there is some article of clothing that is always on my Love List.
For the past, maybe, two years I have been in love with rompers and have been fervently searching for one. I searched and searched and failed miserably to find one that would actually fit the bill. Happily, I finally have acquired the cutest, flouncy romper and I'm loving it!

 P.S. It comes in polka dots!

Music. Spotify is my best friend. I have exaclty four hundred and ninety songs in my library. That number grows on a daily basis. I have playlists for working out, and for every mood you could possibly be in. If I have not expressed it before, let me express it now - I loathe country music. More specifically, twangy country music. It grates on my soul. Needless to say, country music is not in my library...

Except for Hunter Hayes, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and one Jason Aldean song. But you see, I do not ackowledge them as country artists. So, It’s all good. And let’s face it, Swift hasn’t qualified as a country artist since there were still teardrops on her guitar.

Now that we've got that all sorted.. enjoy this catchy pop tune, from Hayes, that I am loving.

I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes on Grooveshark

Photo App. I really enjoy taking pictures, and I just happen to Instagram them. The photo app, Over,  is such a little gem! It allows you to add graphics and text to any photo and then share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, via email, or turn it into a postcard. Personally I use it to put my stamp on my Instagram uploads. I am one hundred percent loving this app.

There you have it, a few of the things that I am loving right now. What are you loving?
Head over here to linkup with Katie and share your current loves.

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Happy weekend friends!

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