On A Whim

Friday, August 9, 2013
I rarely take to writing late at night with no general plan. I'm the girl that needs to have a plan and know exactly what's happening next. On-a-whim posts just aren't how I roll. Here I am though. I don't think that I have written a post that touched on something a little deeper, something about me or something that I really wanted to share with you, in a while. I truly see my readers as friends and I care for and appreciate each and every one of you. I thought that I would share what was on my heart tonight, and since we're friends I'm just going to write like we're having a heart to heart. I was talking with a friend this evening and in the course of our conversation he shared a scripture with me that encouraged my heart tremendously.

Sometimes life is just disheartening. We are not promised an easy life, but we absolutely can find peace, joy, and strength in the Lord. He truly is our strength and our shield, in every situation. It is easy to lose sight of that as we walk through the mundane, the difficult, and the painful things of life. Rest assured, though, the Lord is there and He cares for you more deeply than you can comprehend. 
He does hear your pleas. So I encourage you, fall back into the Lord, who is your strength and your shield, and let your heart exult. 

Have a beautiful Friday, friends!

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