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Friday, February 7, 2014

8 Not So Secret Ways To Tweak Your Pinterest Page, Grow Your Blog with Pinterest

It's time for another Grow Your Blog post. This time around, Nicola is sharing 8 not so secret ways to tweak your pinterest page! Hope it's helpful!

Pinterest needs no introduction. It's valued at nearly $4 billion, more popular than email and the third most popular social networking site in the world and according to Comscore, Pinterest sees over 11 million unique visitors every month...

Real estate on Pinterest is BIG thang so if you blog you want to have it!

Here are 8 not so secret ways to tweek your Pinterest page to gain the monopoly on blog street...

1// Tell us who you are and what you do!

Jazz up your profile photo, add a little about you 'blurb' and be sure to include your blog url. Here's mine and Jen's as an example

2// Your blog board is the most important..
and should be the first board that everybody sees when they click on your Pinterest page. Moving around a board is as simple as clicking and dragging it to where you want it.

3// Bored of that board?
Give your boards a little personality by whipping up a snazzy title. For example, I remained my fitness board to Active Living, my goals to The Year of Me, and my blogging tips to Rock Your Blog.

4// What have we got here?
adding descriptions is the best way to get traffic to your site. Use has tags and your blogs URL so that your pincers know exactly where the pics have come from.

5// Words just say it all

Pictures with words grab your attention especially if you're looking for tutorials. Play around with fancy writing over your blog post pictures and see what gets the traffic flowing to your site.
6// Taller Pins work
500px x 800px is the ideal Pinterest picture size - well actually the taller the better but if you are like any other blogger then you'll probably be posting horizontal pictures. Hmmm! What to do? I find the best is to edit your pictures into the perfect Pinterest picture size, add text, a lovely border and your good to go!
7// Put a pin button on your site
Adding this nifty button to your site makes it easy for your readers to Pin your images. Here is a great tutorial on how to add Pin buttons to blogger sites.
8// Be a pioneer Pinner
85% of Pins are pinned from Pinterest which you've probably seen already. Yawn! When you are on a site and you want to pin something, you can highlight a portion of text before clicking the 'Pin it' icon. The highlighted text will then appear as your post description. Easy peasy!

- Nicola Tweed


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