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Monday, February 24, 2014
 Grow Your Blog With Twitter, Using Twitter to Grow Your Blog, Tips for using Twitter to grow your blog

It's time for another Grow Your Blog post! We've done Pinterest and Image SEO, now it's time to use  Twitter to grow your blog. We all want our blogs to grow, right? Using Twitter to grow your blog is oh so important. I'll be the first to admit that it makes me smile to see my blog grow and reach more people. It's exciting. It's also a boatload of work. Blogging is a job, albeit a fun and rewarding job. If we want to reach others we have to work at it, and I've found that using Twitter is an incredibly important part of blogging. Twitter gives you the ability to engage in real time conversations with your readers and other bloggers. If you're a blogger and you don't have a Twitter, get one! Use it to engage in these real time conversations and build your following.

Here are some things to remember when using Twitter to grow your blog:

• Tweet each blog post three to four times the day that you publish it. Your followers don't all live in one timezone so put some thought behind the timing of your tweets. Space them out so that your post gets more traffic.

• Use a social media management tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your tweets. This is so important! You will get swallowed up if you try to manually tweet your posts, photos, sponsors posts etc. You'll end up feeling defeated and your content will not be seen like you want it to. Schedule those tweets!

• Shorten your links ( URLs). Since Twitter only gives you 140 characters to play with, the last thing you want is for your blog link to take up half of your tweet. You want to be able to use as many of those 140 characters to write an interest catching tweet. Shrink those links! If you have Hootsuite, you can easily shrink your links before scheduling. I use Hootsuite mostly from my laptop, but you can download the Hootsuite app on your phone for free!

• Hashtags. You know this little doozy ( # ). That is the hash in the situation. In case you're unfamiliar with hashtags: "On social media sites such as Twitter, a hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign ( # ), and used to identify messages on a specific topic". Hashtags are a powerful way to extend your reach on Twitter. It is important to keep in mind your contents relevance for the audience of the hashtags you use, and don't bombard your followers with a gaggle of hashtags. Three should be your limit. Be thoughtful and make your hashtags relevant to the content you're sharing!

• Participate in relevant Twitter chats. These are basically virtual meetings that begin at a set time, and you can chat with other bloggers about blogging, share tips and advice. A specific hastag is used so you can track the conversation in real time. Twitter chats are a great way to get to know other bloggers, and building relationships is an important part of blogging.

Here's a helpful infographic to help you compose the perfect tweet!

Twitter Infographic, Grow Your Blog With Twitter, Using Twitter to Grow Your Blog
Twitter has a great viral marketing effect. Your tweets can spread across the Twitter community quickly. For example: say you're hosting a giveaway on your blog, send out a few tweets to let your followers know. Chances are they'll spread the word as well, and now your giveaway is going out to a broader range of people. As word of your giveaway spreads, more people will stop by your blog and see what you have to offer. This applies to more than just giveaways. Make your tweets about a blogpost intriguing; People will be curious what you have to say and share.Your followers are an incredible asset to you. If they're interested in what you shared, then they'll share it and your reach will go out so much further.

This brings me to another important point: Thank your followers and readers for sharing your blogpost. If someone in Twitterland shares your post, just write a quick, genuine thank you or at least favorite their tweet. A thank you lets them know you noticed and helps build relationships. Give a little love back! Now get out of here and get to tweetin'!

Was this post helpful? What tips would you share about using Twitter to grow your blog?

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