Tuesday, May 14, 2013
the days are just flying by in The Challenge. day 14 is a fun one -Ten things that make you really happy..

- baking anything completely from scratch -
- laughing about things with my sister that i could never laugh about with anyone else -

- spending time near and on the beach. especially with good friends -
 - froyo. froyo makes me really happy -

- going on movie runs with these three amazing people. it never fails to be a blast -
- spending time with my nieces (the niblets) the cuteness is substantial -

- spending time on the plantation with friends and taking care of my equine baby, ice -
- having real, deep conversations with friends -
misbehaving with my mom. if we were both twenty and in college we'd be roomies and best friends! -
- thanksgiving with the florida bunch every year. the food. the laughter. it's such happiness -

i could keep going, but then we'd be here for a while. 

what makes you really happy?

< happy tuesday, friends! >


  1. great pics.. I wanna bake something!

    1. Thanks Neja! You should bake something!

  2. Hi Jen
    The pictures of the beach are lovely, such a lovely view. :)

    1. Thanks Rachel! It's a tremendous view :)


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