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Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Before I dive into the post for today - I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in Shanna's Random Wednesday linkup today! She has a great giveaway up today. You should stop by her blog!

Day 22Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel..


Indecisiveness is the bane of my existence! I do not understand making plans to meet up and then not being able to make a solid decision about what to do. I hate it when it's all tossed in my lap and other people can't make a definite decision or even just a suggestion. Why!? Please do not ask me to hang out and then be passive about what on earth to do. Suggest something! Or at least be enthusiastic about a suggestion that has been made by someone else. I am a planner. I like knowing what's coming next. So indecisiveness and passiveness are painful for me. I can be decisive and push an idea forward. I know some people who lack this ability. You know who you are! Now let me just say - I stinking LOVE those people. Every infuriatingly indecisive, passive part of them. But Lord above, someone make a decision! 

There. I feel better now. 

Who knows, maybe my high ability to be decisive is a gift. I believe every single person in my life is there for a reason and I care deeply for each of them. Perhaps God gave me extra decision making abilities to balance out my indecisive friends. wink. In all seriousness - Friendship should build up both parties. Where one is weak the other is strong. Honesty, I am happy to take on the role of decision maker in these friendships and push my friends to be more decisive themselves.  I know that they push me forward where I am weak.

Now that i've got that mini rant out of my system. What would you rant about?

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  1. Willful stupidity. I have no problem with people who don't know things and who make mistakes-- to err is to be human. I do have a problem with people who don't research, don't look up the facts, who have the ability to do so, and just spew stupidity. If you want to live in ignorance, fair enough that's your prerogative. But I don't want to have to listen to true idiocy, which I feel we've been inundated with as a society.

    But I can empathize with your rant, too. I think we'd all be better served if people were just a bit more decisive.


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