overcoming the challenge

Thursday, May 16, 2013
day 16.  The Challenge Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it..

aside from my health issues, i don't have too many difficult things in my life. i'm blessed in that way. i had to really think about today's prompt. i've had sixteen days to mull it over and it was still tough. something that came to mind, that i have had a difficult time with, is how quiet i am. anyone who knows me very well would strongly disagree with that. when i'm comfortable with people i relax and open up and reveal a much more outgoing, personable jen. even then i still have to work at it. 
for those that don't know me, my quiet, reserved nature can come across as aloof.

i was seventeen the first time anyone told me that i was aloof. i was genuinely shocked and hurt. i had no idea that i was putting off a vibe of indifference. that was the last thing that i wanted.
i have purposed since then to be more personable with others. it is something that i have to work at everyday. i have to remind myself to strike up conversations with people and show them that i'm interested. 

i have grown tremendously and find myself interacting with more people and being described as "sweet, kind, and personable" it truly brings joy to my heart to hear that, because i genuinely am interested and i care immensely for people.

what about you? what challenges are you facing?
< happy thursday, friends >


  1. Honestly.. between you, me, and the entire blogging universe.. I have to work at caring deeply.

    I'm sure you're making a mental note to never blogstalk me:)

    1. Hey, it can be really hard to care sometimes. I don't fault you at all.


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