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Sunday, May 19, 2013
day 19. The Challenge for today - Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them..
this is a difficult one. not because i struggled to think of five of my favorite blogs, but because i can only choose five for this post. that's just wrong!

 after much deliberation..

Shanna's blog is a favorite because I feel like I can relate to her blog. She is the sweetest ever! Following her blog is like spending time with a friend. And she has a fantastic fashion sense. Her outfits always inspire me!  Her blog is fresh, unique, genuine, and fun!

                                            Story of My Life

I found Jenni's blog through another favorite blog. She is the reason I began doing this challenge. Jenni is sweet and sassy. It comes out in her posts and I love that! She is so much fun. Her blog is super easy to navigate and packed with great posts and helpful information for other bloggers. And to top it off, she takes beautiful photos!


Ilene's blog was the very first blog that I ever started following. It is so honest and truly enjoyable to read. Ilene and I attended the same church for many years and I had the privilege to get to know her a little bit. She is the most personable young woman that I have ever met. She has a simply adorable style that is effortless and one hundred percent her! And she has an Etsy shop { muchloveilly - shop } filled with her fashion-y creations.


Living In Yellow is Erin's delightful blog. Erin is great! She draws you in with her personality - which is wrapped around every pretty inch of her blog. She is witty and authentic in her writing. Personally, I always feel inspired after visiting her blog. Her happy attitude and kindness absolutely make her a favorite.
Sandy a la Mode
Sandy is completely adorable. She is one of those people that you want to get to know better. She has a lovely blog filled with stylish fashion posts that always leave me wanting some article of clothing or cute accessory that she has donned. Her femininity and sweetness make her blog incredibly refreshing and will leave a smile on your face.
my list of favorite blogs is ever growing. there are so many sweet bloggers out there with fantastic blogs. i can only hope to one day have as loyal a following as these great girls. if you haven't made your way over to their blogs before, i insist that you must! you won't regret it.
what are your five favorite blogs?
 < have a great sunday! >


  1. aw, i am so honored to be listed among some of my very own blog favorites! and btw, i JUST figured out today that this was your blog! i love it - it's super cute. :) thanks again for the sweet shout-out!

    1. Aww thanks so much, Ilene :) It's a work in progress. It was my pleasure! Love your blog.

  2. I just wanted to say thanks a bunch for the follow back on Pinterest! Hope you're having a great Monday :o)

    1. You are most welcome! Happy Monday :)


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