picture of my heart

Friday, May 17, 2013
we've hit day 17 in Blog Every Day In May. The Challenge for today -  A favorite photo of yourself and why..

this photo is a favorite because it is a captured moment of something that i cherish. That little niblet in the photo is my niece. i feel closest to her out of my three nieces. i was there when she was born and that really created a special bond with her. I love this shot, it's completely candid. she was not in the best mood and needed aunt jenny to hold her. cradling that little girl in my arms turns my heart into a messy puddle of love.

i also really love this photo because it is a picture of my heart for the future - when I will cradle my own little person; be their comfort and their protection. what a tremendous gift and responsibility that will be. 
i welcome the blessing and honor of the challenge.

what is your favorite photo? why is it your favorite?
< happy friday! >


  1. this is truly the sweetest picture!

  2. Oh man, the sweetest picture in the world.. nieces.. they're the most fantastic thing.


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