Montgomery, Alabama

Saturday, November 2, 2013
I have been MIA for far too long. What can I say though, I got completely caught up in the Alabama fun! We really did have a wonderful time with friends. They were fairly new friends at the start, but, I feel even closer to them now and that is awesome! I normally do well with the photo documentation on such trips, but, I seriously slacked off this time around. Five photos in total. Shameful. Nevertheless, I am putting those suckers in this post, poor exposure and all!

I have to say, the flights over were more enjoyable than usual considering my extreme aversion to flying, and the airport time provided some amusement. The Marine using his bag as a pillow ( way to problem solve, my friend ), Hulk blazing through the airport like his life depended on it, the ten minute layover ( cue speed walking), my bags cute little valet tag. It's the little things..

There are not a tremendous number of things to do in Montgomery, Alabama. We walked the pavements of downtown, which looked like it was utterly abandoned. Though, we did find a tunnel with club lights that left you feeling like your head was spinning. Slightly unsettling and quite entertaining. It led out to this waterfront green-space that looked like it was meant for gladiators. Very fitting for Halloween weekend fun. At some point Criminal Minds episodes started playing through my mind and we hightailed it out of there.

I really hate flying, I hate it with a passion. I would gladly hop on a plane to relive our Alabama experience though. Delicious food, good laughter, dressing up for dinning out, froyo, throwback music..
So much to look back on and smile about. Thanks Alabama, it was real!

Today is the momma's birthday. Happy birthday!! She's patiently waiting to skip off and begin birthday festivities, while I write this. So, I'm off! 

Tell me about your Halloween weekend fun! What did you do? What crazy costume did you don?
Have a great Saturday!

The short photo journey.

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